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Getting money in the technological era like now might be easier. We just have to be creative and not hesitate to channel hobbies and talents. Because with technology, it’s easy for us to present our work to others.

Because at this time, people cannot escape from smartphones and internet networks to carry out various activities. Start by buying and selling products online, study or study online, even experience searches can be done online.

Now, from this lifestyle change, you can use it to get money. For those of you who like to write or review things, you can also make money through blogs whose content you can make yourself.

But sometimes, despite having an interest in the world of writing, the difficulty of finding ideas to be presented on a blog is often faced with obstacles. Lack of experience and technical ability often haunts novice bloggers.

So how do you start making money through blogs?

The question is quite common for beginner bloggers. For that, some things that you must do include:

1. Start a blog

The first thing to do is start first what you want to do. The main obligation to become a blogger certainly has a blog platform to produce useful content.

Often, this limits some people because they don’t have the technical ability to use the blog platform. In fact, there are many tutorials for creating blogs on the Internet, from free to paid.

2. Select Blog Platform

Select the blog platform that you want to use to upload content that you own. Some of these platforms include WordPress, Blogspot, etc. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages of each.

For those of you who like to manipulate HTML code, you can use blogspot because it offers free design customization. Meanwhile, as a novice blogger, you can use the WordPress platform.

Some of WordPress’s advantages include offering free access, safe and easy to use execution activities, and you are free to choose a blog theme based on your needs.

3. Create a blog domain name

After choosing the blog platform you want to use, the next step is to determine the domain name or blog address, so that your blog has an online home. Tips for creating a blog domain are making sure your blog’s domain name is clear and has compatibility with the blog content that you designed.

In addition, after determining the domain name of the blog that you have, you can configure the blog. In general, WordPress shows a more complex menu than blogspot. But with this complex menu you can also add Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) and SEO configuration for each article that you create using tags or keywords.

4. Create a blog as interesting as possible

After setting up a blog that you have, you can change the design of the blog to make it more attractive to readers. Choose a design that matches the blog content you have. To change the theme of the blog, you can use tutorials that are widely available on the Internet.

When choosing a theme, you can use a free theme to pay. One tip to note, do not hesitate to use paid items because it is more friendly with search engines like Google, as well as mobile browsers for desktop computers.

5. Generate useful and interesting content

You can then start writing useful and interesting blog content. Therefore, it is easy to find and beneficial for many people. In principle, interesting blog contents are blogs that inspire, entertain, solve problems and are able to change lifestyles to be the best for readers.

One thing to avoid is avoiding using plagiarized content or spreading false information. There’s nothing wrong with researching or gathering material that you can use as a topic for writing or reviewing blog articles.


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