Resign Tips without making people angry

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There will be times when someone will think about the future of the work that he is currently engaged in. Do you want to continue your career in the same company or it’s time to try your luck elsewhere.

Maybe you are stuck in a job that does not develop capacity and ability. Maybe what you are doing is no longer relevant and you want to try something new. You can also not like the current boss.

Quoted from Lifehack (1/22/2018), a research conducted by Harris Interactive states that 74 percent of people in the world want to have a new job.

If you are one of these 74 percent, there are good and bad ways to quit your job. The following are tips for quitting a job while still leaving a good impression:

Don’t Forget to Tell Your Boss

If you resign because you don’t like your job or don’t have a good relationship with your boss, it will be difficult to tell you why you are leaving. However, there will be conditions where superiors ask for recommendations and advice from old superiors.

Tell Your Boss Directly

Wait for the right time when your boss is alone, then prepare what you want to convey. Remember that you are not the first person to ever resign and certainly not the last person anyway.

Make Sure to Take a Positive and Neutral Approach

Old work may be boring and your manager is not friendly. However, this should not stop your steps. You must make a good impression so that your manager will give positive recommendations to the new boss.

Convey the Reasons Well and Calmly

This conversation can be tense and uncomfortable, but it needs to be done. Convey your decision decisively and prepare yourself if the boss conveys things that are not pleasant. Most importantly, always prioritize professionalism!


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