Promising Business Suitable for Students

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As a student, you must be demanded to be creative so you can be independent and not only rely on parental submissions. There must be students who think about how to do business while still studying. Armed with creativity, keen to see opportunities, and dare to take risks, there are actually many business opportunities that are right for students with little capital. Therefore, the college period is a good time for students to start a business. Because students will one day face challenges in the world of work so that it would be better to prepare themselves from the beginning.

Business for students not only adds pocket money, but as capital and experience that can be selected after graduating from college. By doing business, students no longer mess around with financial matters before graduating and will not be bothered looking for work after graduation. There are several businesses that can be run by students that match their interests, talents, and skills. These are 5 promising businesses for students.

1. Electricity Credit Business

Most students choose the electrical pulses business to start learning business because it does not require large capital. Aside from being easy to do, this business can bring decent profits if managed properly. In one credit sale, the profit starts from IDR 500-IDR 1500. However, the electrical pulses business is not without risk. Because you have to be prepared with the consequences of credit debt payment. Especially if the customer is an acquaintance or friend. So, before starting this business, take into account the worst possibilities first.

2. Online Shop Business
The next student business opportunity is an online shop. Here students can sell a variety of clothes, pants / skirts, knick-knacks, and various types of shoes. There are lots of online buying and selling forums that offer easy transactions in cyberspace. Sales are not only aimed at campus friends, but also to other customers in cyberspace. There are several buying and selling sites that can be used to sell goods that are private or belong to someone else. If you don’t have goods, you can sell goods from several reseller and dropship sites.

3. Private tutoring business
The next student business is the private tutoring business, which is the business of providing private tutoring lessons to several children, from elementary, junior high, to high school, depending on skills. For example, students majoring in exact sciences or science can give lessons in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics. In fact, it can provide general subjects such as English. This business provides two advantages, namely adding pocket money and deepening material mastery. Usually this business is in demand when there will be a national exam (UN). Because there are many children who want to deepen subjects that are tested nationally through private lessons.

4. Small Food Sales Business
If the campus canteen is located quite far from the lecture hall, there is a business that can be run, namely the business of selling snacks. This business opportunity arises during the change of courses and there is a short interval between them.  Because snacks, such as snacks and mineral water are needed to prop up a hungry stomach while in college.

5. Typing and Print Services Business
The typing and print service business is a promising business for students, especially those who live / boarding around the campus environment. Lectures are identical with a variety of assignments that must be given in printed form. Compared to printing their own assignments, currently there are still many students who choose to use typing and print services. The reason is because there are still many students who do not have a printing device and do not have time to type and print the assignment.

To open this business, you need the ability to type. Because usually the customer will return if the results are satisfactory. Simply have a laptop / computer and printer as the main capital. To save costs, you can buy used equipment that is still good at a cheaper price.


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