Make money with Ebay sniping

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The secret to making money quickly through eBay is to use a buying strategy called eBay snipping. The trick is to use a tool called GIXEN.

Here’s how eBay sniping works
Gixen automatically makes a bidding or bid on an item at the last moment of the auction period
Fully working automatically
You can do it in groups: bid on several of the same items and then automatically the items that have already been bargained will be canceled if you have won one item in accordance with the desired price
And most importantly, Gixen is free !!
Buy cheaply through ebay sniping
The aim is to use Gixen to buy cheaply and then resell locally any items that have the potential to make money. You can choose items that you know people buy – while taking advantage of the time to use Gixen – along with strategies of course that you can find everywhere online for example in articles by
* Buy items that sell like the iPhone, Macbook, anything that is branded Apple.
* Samsung phones like Galaxy 6, 7 or 8.
* Look at Amazon in the top sellers segment then buy similar items.
* Camera equipment that you can see for instructions and how to purchase it on Petapixel.

Buy on eBay, sell locally
After you have managed to buy goods at an attractive price, advertise on Craigslist or OLX and other similar online stores in your area!
* Advertise every day
* Prepare yourself to always reply to questions from prospective buyers ASAP
* No worries
* Meet only GENERAL PLACES for COD payments. Not in your own home!

What you have to buy on eBay to make money
Most popular smartphone (iPhone 5, Galaxy 6 or above)
Camera Equipment
Apple laptop
A good computer monitor
Apple Accessories
Specific graphics card
Branded fashion apparel that costs BELOW shop prices
But, the best place to buy it is NOT eBay
Buy at garage sales where rich people live!
Estate class auction: rich people sell things
City public auction
Auction or wash the warehouse


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