Know the Characteristics of Naughty Online Business

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Know the Characteristics of Naughty Online Business – Talking about what business is on the rise now? Then the answer is online business. Yes, online business growth is like flowing water with abundant large revenues and can be used as a form of future investment.

Many people choose to open an online business because they don’t need to bother renting land to serve as a trading area. Only with gadgets and the ability to create an online store, then a business is ready to run.

Some people who are serious about running it are even willing to make loans without collateral in order to build a business. But behind many people who try hard, there are also some who just want to get instant profits without the hassle of deception.

Cases of online business mode fraud have been found in the wider community even though many people are not reluctant to keep buying things online. It’s just that people seem to be traumatized to buy things online.

Because you as a consumer are sure to meet directly with the seller, then you should first identify the characteristics of a scam or fake online business as follows:

Always hiding his true identity
Basically online businesses do not bring together sellers and buyers, but they only communicate through intermediaries, both HP and the internet. It’s just that, whatever the form of communication, fake sellers will definitely try hard to cover up or hide their real identities, be it names or addresses.

Most likely they only use the name of the city which is quite broad and common. This is so that when fraudsters launch fake sales and find victims, they will not be tracked by victims who try to recover their lost money.

If it is necessary to mention names, then they will definitely use fake names and fake addresses so that it looks convincing. When carrying out the action, then contact is no longer possible to function if the victim has entered a trap.

The seller will limit contact relationships with prospective buyers
Online sellers who are said to be scammers will certainly put limits on contact with buyers. They will try to give a few contacts that can be contacted in the display screen. There are even fake online sellers who don’t want to be contacted by telephone but only via text message.

If you suspect something like this, then you should do several ways such as asking questions about the products or services they offer. Try waiting for a response from them. If the response is long, then you should look for a similar online business rather than waiting for the uncertainty.

If the seller responds, then you should check the answers given by the seller to the questions given. If they answer briefly and there is not much information about the product, then you should not continue buying on that site.

The product sold is unclear
Keep in mind if an online business exists to provide or offer products in the form of goods or services to the wider community as consumers who need them. However, if the product that you want to target does not have good and clear information in every picture that is uploaded, it means that the business owner is not serious in running his business and the second maybe they are fake.

Although not all online businesses that don’t explain the picture are fake, it would be better if you just choose another business that sells similar products just in case. It may be that the seller simply duplicates the image from another site and places it on their site so that it is visible if they have goods that are ready to sell to the public.

Use a free domain
If the online business that you want comes from a website and not social media, then you should pay attention to the domain name used. If you use a domain name, that means the business is just fake or fake and only wants to reap profits from consumers who are victims.

The point is how they want to run a business if they use a free domain. It takes a little capital to create their own online shop website and that shows how bona fide the business is.

Now that’s the signs of online business fraud that you should be aware of. Even though the business takes the form of an online business that doesn’t require as much funding as an offline business, still if someone who really wants to build his business will definitely need adequate capital and he can make loans without collateral to make his business professional.


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