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Looking for work is indeed difficult – difficult and easy. The increasingly intense competition between job seekers, makes us often feel frustrated and must always maintain the existing motivation.

Your motivation can weaken after trying to find a job with the same position and field, but with different company names.

Many times you check your email inbox, but the results remain empty. Not a single email comes into your inbox to invite you to an interview session or warmly accepts you into their institution.

My experience in finding this job has taught me that one of the biggest challenges is maintaining motivation to continue, especially when you are dealing with relentless rejection. But I also know that you can revive your motivation by making simple changes to your job search process. Focus on checking your resume, job application letter and what you really want from your job.

In this article, we will discuss tips to keep you motivated in finding a job, even though you continue to face repeated rejections.

1. Re-check Resumes and Make Weekly Targets
When your motivation is down, the task of finding a new network or recontacting the network that you have is a good idea. You can also look back on your resume, is there anything you need to add or there are parts that you have to lose because it is less effective.

In addition, you also need to be able to reorganize your strategy, for example, when you are applying for a job, you can reach two direct contacts in one day or even more.

You can set a target, in a week how many companies will you contact and which will you list the position of work. This is a realistic goal that allows you to focus on making the best job application every week.

2. Don’t Stick to the Work Website Only
When you are looking for a job, reading a description that requires “five to seven years of experience” in a particular field may frustrate you in reading it. I can say that, you don’t need to worry about this.

Most successful people make turns, jumps, and face several failures to reach their position today.

So, don’t just stick with some of the same work websites. You can stop by LinkedIn, and look for people who have the job of your dreams or who work in a company that interests you. You can see that there are various ways for people to get to where they are today, which may remind you that there is no straight path to success.

3. Look for Constructive Criticism
Feedback and criticism is very important to develop yourself to be better. Look for someone who can be the critic who helps you the most. Maybe it’s your old colleague, friend or even parent.

Ask their opinions about how you can increase your potential. So, if you feel like you are trying to apply for a lot of work but still get nothing, try asking them for some constructive criticism.

Identify where you are struggling, whether you should format your resume or increase your confidence at the interview, and ask for advice from the right people (former professors or trainers who encourage you to be able to increase your confidence). Based on their knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, can they give specific and honest advice that? You will be far more motivated to practice than general tips that you read everywhere).

4. Enter Your Career Goals on Paper and Embed In Yourself
Having a purpose in life is very important to get a more focused life.? Actually putting it on paper will force you to think about what you want to achieve and try to get better. This will motivate you to see at least one goal you have in life.

Seeing these dreams on paper will make you more eager to find work and not give up easily.

5. Vacation for a while
Looking for a job and always getting rejected is very tiring. In this case, you can entertain yourself for a moment. Maybe take a vacation to the beach for three days or relax for a while at home. Do anything that can get you excited and get ideas


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